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Profile mögen durchaus ihren Sinn haben, aber das einzige was mir dazu einfällt:

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You know what could be awesome?

Pudding Keycaps ( in NEO2 layout ( for ~30 bucks.
Bonus TripleA² would be, every “mod” char in his own transparent colour. So you can backlit the colour in your current mo(o)d :p The first 4 mods would be great already.

In the meanwhile, where they are? Exist transparent chars to backlight in NEO2 layout?
Please, tell me if you know where I can find them.

I think the right direction goes the “smuecke” design ( but nobody build this as transparent chars to backlit them.
BTW: Blue is not a good readable colour even the room is bright, neither as a blue LED glow.
Keycaps (x) Neo2 (x)

Leo friendica

VAC under Linux

Thanks for that

Leo friendica

If you now change whitelist and blacklist from your wording

and of course programs, please, use some simplified exchange in much generic way. Don’t get carried away to use more PR and advanced language style like “Product name who’s” or “disagree awesomeness”, maybe other developers and user are confused what it means and of course which list is meant, the … or the other?!

My favo(u)rites are:
allow/permit/authoriz|se list and disallow/forbid/reject list — and yes, they’re still lists.
Dev (x) Suggest (x)

Leo friendica

Better as "Around the World in 80 Days"

Minecraft RLCraft Mod as a diary-esk ~1 hour video:

"I Spent 100 Days in RLCraft and Here's What Happened"

Leo friendica

Cyberpunk Documentaries

From the viewpoint of the 1990s:

From the viewpoint of 2019s:

I think the docu from the ’90s has more to tell (and from Gibson) instead to repeat the plot from stories like the docu from ’19s but cool is the rule. ;D

YouTube: Cyberpunk: The Documentary (60p) (Jim Leonard)

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